Okulam, Frodo Oral history Interview

Span Dates: November 2, 2000
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Frodo talks about her life as a lesbian, in the late 1960s onward. She discusses her gender identity as a child, dealing wih her sexuality as a teen, how she got her name and what the Lord of the Rings meant to her, starting the Portland Chapter of the Tolkien Society of America, and her spirituality as a Wiccan and member of the MCC (Metropolitan Community Church).

Hist/Bio Note

Frodo Okulam was born in Portland, Oregon, September 12th, 1954. She and her partners live together as of 2000: Sally with whom she had a holy union in 1980; Pat in 1989, and Jamie in 1995. Okulam was licensed as clergy by MCC in 1985 at the same time starting Sister Spirit within MCC. Sister Spirit included diverse people--straight and LGBTQ+, Pagans, Jews, Christians, people of Native American traditions, Eastern traditions, and African WICCAN traditions. Sister Spirit continued as of this oral history. She earned an MA (Theology), at Mount Angel Seminary, St. Benedict, Oregon, in 1995. She enrolled in a D.Min. program at Marylhurst University in cooperation with San Francisco Theological Seminary. Her biography was not updated since this interview in 2000.

Finding Aid

An online finding aid and transcript are available through the Oregon Historical Society Digital Collections.


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