Exhibit Credits

Thank you for visiting this special exhibit on the early years of the Council on Religion and Homosexuality (CRH). We expect this to be the first of many online exhibits on different aspects of LGBT religious history. Your comments on the design of the exhibit as well as the CRH artifacts and history are welcome at exhibits@lgbtran.org. The LGBT Religious Archives Network also welcomes suggestions for collaborations to create other online exhibits from LGBT religious history.

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A significant number of persons and organizations were instrumental in the development of this Council on Religion and the Homosexual exhibit. The LGBT Religious Archives Network gratefully acknowledges the contributions and assistance of the following persons and groups.

  1. The plan for this exhibit was developed by a task force of LGBT-RAN Advisory Committee and staff members: Gabriel Blau, Mark Bowman, Victor Jordan, Kenneth Rowe, and James Waller.
  2. James Waller provided the initial historical sketch of the Council on Religion and the Homosexual from his research for his unpublished manuscript on the history of LGBT Protestant movements in the U.S. Waller also provided some CRH artifacts and audiotapes of interviews with CRH leaders.
  3. LGBT-RAN Coordinator Mark Bowman served as curator for this exhibit-collecting and organizing the artifacts and drafting the commentary accompanying the exhibit.
  4. Gabriel Blau and Carl Foote designed and developed the software for this electronic exhibit.
  5. The GLBT Historical Society and its executive director Terence Kissack were generous in providing access to most of the artifacts in this exhibit. These artifacts are primarily found in the Phyllis Lyon & Del Martin Papers and the Donald S. Lucas Papers there.
  6. San Francisco historian Paul Gabriel provided invaluable information from his research into the history of CRH and other homophile groups in San Francisco in the 1960s. Gabriel also provided a copy of the video, Shedding a StraightJacket: Homophile Civil Rights/Homosexual Liberation 1961-1966, that he produced about this history as well as a videotape of the GLBT Historical Society's annual dinner in 1998 that honored CRH.
  7. CRH leaders Robert Cromey, Chuck Lewis, Phyllis Lyon, Del Martin and Ted McIlvenna were most helpful in answering questions and requests for assistance in finding and identifying CRH artifacts.