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Coalition Proves Mutually Beneficial

Over the following months, clergy and homosexual activists worked together to propose purpose, goals and activities for CRH. This coalition of clergy–almost all heterosexual–and homosexual leaders was proving to be mutually beneficial. Homosexual leaders received the “cloak of the cloth” (as described by San Francisco historian Paul Gabriel) to sanction their activities while clergy expanded their sphere of social justice ministry. Most of the homosexual activists in CRH were also leaders of the other homophile organizations, so the total number of people involved was small, no more than a few dozen. However, the significance of their impact belies their numbers.

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Phyllis Lyon & Del Martin Recollect Why CRH Was Formed

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From "Shedding a StraightJacket" produced by the GLBT Historical Society, October 1996; Paul Gabriel, videographer and curator; Edd Dundas, editor and duplicator.

Repository: GLBT Historical Society