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  • Room Introduction
  • Press Conference
    CRH clergy held a press conference the morning after the ball…
  • Public Outcry
    Coverage of the press conference sparked public debate…
  • Community
    The debate galvanized gays and lesbians to new levels of…
  • Public Trials
    Public attention followed the trial of the three lawyers…
  • Aftermath
    The California Hall affair is recognized as a major turning point…
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Clergy Express Outrage and Spark Resistance

In response to the police raid at California Hall on New Year’s Day 1965, the clergy leaders of the Council on Religion and the Homosexual (CRH) held a press conference the next morning. Their expression of outrage and call for an end to police harassment of homosexual persons provoked unparalleled public clamor and mobilization of activity by homophile groups and leaders. The outpouring of activity following the California Hall incident, often recognized as San Francisco’s “Stonewall,” thrust the newly-formed CRH into the public spotlight.

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