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  • Room Introduction
  • Press Conference
    CRH clergy held a press conference the morning after the ball…
  • Public Outcry
    Coverage of the press conference sparked public debate…
  • Community
    The debate galvanized gays and lesbians to new levels of…
  • Public Trials
    Public attention followed the trial of the three lawyers…
  • Aftermath
    The California Hall affair is recognized as a major turning point…
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Trials in the Public Eye

Public attention followed the trial of the three lawyers and “ticket-taker” Nancy May six weeks later. The trial helped expose the unwarranted actions of the police and resulted in the judge ordering a verdict of not guilty. In a later trial that did not receive such widespread attention, the two men arrested for disorderly conduct were convicted.

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Herb Donaldson Recalls Widespread Legal Support, Including the ACLU, for the Trial

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From “Shedding a StraightJacket” produced by GLBT Historical Society, October 1996; Paul Gabriel, videographer and curator; Edd Dundas, editor and duplicator.

Repository: GLBT Historical Society