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  • Room Introduction
  • Press Conference
    CRH clergy held a press conference the morning after the ball…
  • Public Outcry
    Coverage of the press conference sparked public debate…
  • Community
    The debate galvanized gays and lesbians to new levels of…
  • Public Trials
    Public attention followed the trial of the three lawyers…
  • Aftermath
    The California Hall affair is recognized as a major turning point…
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Aftermath of the Ball

The California Hall affair is recognized by San Francisco historians and activists as a major turning point in the modern gay/lesbian liberation movement there. Local historians also point out that this incident preceded the resistance at Stonewall in New York City by four years. The affair also thrust CRH into the public spotlight and spurred it to new levels of activity.

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Report to Concerned People Recaps the Founding of CRH, the California Hall Incident and Resultant Activity

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Written by Lewis Durham, program director, Glide Urban Center, mid-1965. Phyllis Lyon & Del Martin Papers.

Repository: GLBT Historical Society