1946 - 1972

In 1946, the Church hired a "partership"...


Coming out in the open at Riverside - Beginning discussions

1974 - 1977

Sexuality sermon, programs, and conference at Riverside

1946 - 1972

In 1946, the Church hired a “partnership” (terminology used in The Church Monthly publication of The Riverside Church) of Organist, Virgil Fox (1946-1965), and Choir Director, Richard Weagly (1946-1967). Fox and Weagly lived together, took their vacations together and were referred to by the staff as in “a relationship.” In the late 1950’s, they broke up as a couple but still worked together under tense circumstances.

The Fox biography, The Dish, Virgil Fox (2001), by Richard Torrence documents the gay couple.

Rev. McCracken was available for counseling after the “relationship” of Virgil Fox and Richard Weagly broke up. Richard Weagly was given a year’s sabbatical in London paid for by the Church.

At the time some of the ministers referred to the Board of Ushers as good friends and a “fraternity.”

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Article about Virgil Fox and Richard Weagly in the publication of The Church Monthly of The Riverside Church.