1946 - 1972

In 1946, the Church hired a "partership"...


Coming out in the open at Riverside - Beginning discussions

1974 - 1977

Sexuality sermon, programs, and conference at Riverside

1974 - 1977

On February 17, 1974, Rev. Dr. Ernest T. Campbell preached a (same-sex) pro-commitment ceremony sermon. He stated, "People don't choose their sexual identity..." (For more quotes from the sermon, click on the artifact below.)

In 1974 - 1975, HORIZONS, an educational program of the Parish Life of The Riverside Church, sponsored programs exploring the life cycle, including programs about sexuality.

On January 18, 1975, Rev. Bill Johnson showed the film A Position of Faith a second time at The Riverside Church during the conference there entitled "Identity & Conscience: The Homosexual in Traditional Professions".

HORIZONS continued their sexuality series in February of 1975.

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Rev. Campbell giving a radio interview.