Preserving Your Web Presence at the Internet Archive

Preserving Your Web Presence at the Internet Archive
Thursday February 9, 2023 at 11am PST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST online

Join LGBTQ-RAN technician Carl Foote and archivist Doris Malkmus for a hands-on workshop on using the Internet Archive's free services to document and preserve your online activities.

As a marginal community, we need to intentional in documenting our activities, to ensure that our history is visible and represented in our greater culture’s memory. This need is compounded online, as online content is very fragile -- it changes often and is always in danger of disappearing at a moment’s notice. The Internet Archive has free services for documenting and preserving online material. While it is an archive in its own right, the Internet Archive can also be thought of as a long-term "filing cabinet" for saving your online work for the future.

This hands-on workshop will introduce the field of web archiving, then explore how online content is collected, preserved, and accessed at the Internet Archive.  It is for anyone interested in the subject -- no previous experience with archiving required. The workshop's goal is for participants to gain enough background understanding and practical experience of the Internet Archive that they are able to engage with it to preserve their own online work.