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Queering Our Roots

LGBTQ-RAN is celebrating its 20th anniversary this fall.  We are marking this milestone with a Queering Our Roots campaign honoring five elders of LGBTQ+ religious movements in the U.S. as well as highlighting the rich history that LGBTQ-RAN has gathered over these years.  Join us for these lively and fascinating online events.  And support us in reaching our challenge goal of $20,000 to plant seeds for LGBTQ-RAN to flourish in the next 20 years.  Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor your challenge gift will be matched.  

Gala Celebration

Gala Celebration
Sunday November 7, 2021 at 4pm CT

Don't miss our Gala Celebration, with rousing stories, testimonies, and historical nuggets that commemorate the rich history of LGBTQ+ religious movements as well as the ground-breaking work of LGBTQ-RAN.  
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Honoring Our Elders: Intergenerational Conversations

Launch Party

Queering Our Roots Launch Party
Sunday October 3, 2021 at 4pm CT

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