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An Intergenerational Conversation with Jonathon Thunderword and Robyn Henderson-Espinosa

An Intergenerational Conversation with Jonathon Thunderword and Robyn Henderson-Espinosa
Wednesday October 13, 2021 at 1pm CT

Register at https://bit.ly/lgbtqranQOR

Join us to honor the decades of courageous leadership of the Rev. Jonathon Thunderword in an intergenerational conversation with Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, Ph.D. This dialogue will remember the journey, struggles and progress we've made in queer religious history, as well as the road ahead.

Rev. Jonathon Thunderword is a theologian, a scholar, and a free thinker. He is an omni-faith, multi-spiritual practitioner who is a part of Mata Amritanandamayi Center. He is an ordained minister, founder of Finding Another Right Road Authentically and Holistically (FARRAH) and founder of By the Way Ministry in Virginia.

Read a full biography of Jonathon Thunderword on his profile page.

Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, Ph.D. is a visionary thinker who has spent two decades working in the borderlands of church, academy, & movements seeking to not only disrupt but dismantle supremacy culture and help steward the logic of liberation as a Transqueer Latinx.  Dr. Robyn is the Founder of the Activist Theology Project, a Nashville based collaborative project that seeks to work with the dominant culture and produces curriculum at the intersection of scholarship and activism.

This event is part of our Queering Our Roots campaign this fall, celebrating LGBTQ-RAN's 20th anniversary.   This campaign will honor five elders of LGBTQ+ religious movements in the U.S. as well as highlight the rich history that LGBTQ-RAN has gathered over these years.

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