Preserving History

To preserve our history and the progress we have made in rights of LGBTQ people we need to preserve the personal papers and organizational records from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender religious movements.

The LGBTQ Religious Archives Network does this by:

  • Presenting a Profiles Gallery with biographical sketches of persons who have been leaders or prominent initiators in LGBTQ religious movements around the world. These stories are a font of information, wisdom and encouragement for emerging activists and leaders, for today’s students and for historians of the future.
  • Providing Oral Histories with a diverse group of early LGBTQ religious leaders. These in-depth interviews supplement and illuminate LGBTQ religious history, particularly for individuals, events and organizations that are otherwise not well documented.
  • Publishing a Collections Catalog that identifies the content and location of collections of original source materials concerning LGBTQ religious organizations or activists in repositories around the world.
  • Giving support and guidance to activists and organizations in preserving their papers and records.