Michael, Coby Collection

Span Dates: 2016-2018
Bulk Dates:
Volume: 1 box


This collection comprises both physical and digital items. It includes published works from the Poisoner's Apothecary, charms and amulets, draft blog posts, and presentations by Coby Michael.

Hist/Bio Note

Coby Michael is a writer, blogger and researcher dedicated to exploring magical practices and Pagan religion. His interest in the occult and spirit world began at a young age, and for the past 18 years he has been investigating folk magic, witchcraft and esoteric herbalism. Coby is a self-described occultist and practitioner, having studied religion and European history at Arizona State University. He writes for, Patheos Pagan, running the blog "The Poisoner's Apothecary. His writings consist of topics from astrology, traditional witchcraft and entheogenic plants to current events in the Neo-Pagan community, animism, and Western Esotericism. He is also a contributing author at thehouseoftwigs.com, which provides a diverse selection of writing for the magical community. Coby recently self-published a three-part collection, called "The Poisoner's Pocket Guide," which explores plants historically associated with witches and the practice of magic. As a member of the Pagan community Coby is involved in local events, teaching classes on plant magic and acting as a networker connecting individuals within the community. What has become known as The Poisoner's Apothecary started as a blog on Patheos Pagan in 2016, arising from his work with traditional witchcraft and the plants associated with witches and the devil in the Middle Ages. The Poisoner's Apothecary is includes esoteric topics of personal interest. It has grown to encompass many areas and hundreds of articles. The Apothecary is also the name for an online store front that provides custom tools and ritual adornments, in addition to a unique collection of botanical curious and herbal specimen. The name Poisoner's Apothecary is derived from the close association in the ancient world between magic and the compounding of poisons and medicines.

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The collection is held at : Valdosta State University Archives, Odum Library 1500 N. Patterson St. Valdosta GA 30601 United States


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