el-Tahwid Juma Circle Website (Internet Archive)

Span Dates: 2013-2022
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The website contains articles and media about the organization and its leadership.

Hist/Bio Note

el-Tahwid Juma Circle (ETJC) was founded in May 2009 by El-Farouk Khaki, Laury Silvers, and Troy Jackson. EJTC was based out of the Toronto Unity Mosque with the intention of being an inclusive, queer-affirming, gender-equal Muslim-identified prayer space. EJTC Unity Mosques were guided by the concept of “Tawhid,” which refers to the unity of Allah. At the heart of the organization is the belief that all humans are equal agents of Allah in all aspects of ritual practice.

Finding Aid

There is not a finding aid. The website can be accessed through the WayBack Machine (web.archive.org) by searching for jumacricle.org. Once on the Juma Circle archived website, snapshots of the various webpages can be navigated. The domain name expired in 2022; any subsequent use of this domain name would not relate to el-Tahwid Juma Circle.


This collection is available on the Internet Archives WayBack Machine.


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