Kerr, Linda Faerie Faith Papers

Span Dates:
Bulk Dates: 1993-1997
Volume: 4 linear feet


This collection consists of Faerie Faith readings and teaching materials and records, correspondence, manuscripts and published issues of Hazel Nut, a Dianic tradition periodical. It also includes other miscellaneous publications received via exchange and related craft and art items.

Hist/Bio Note

Faerie Faith is an inclusive Wiccan tradition with a foundation from the McFarland Dianic Tradition which includes male and female gods and practitioners. Linda Kerr is a Georgia native that studied Faerie Faith in Atlanta with Epona from 1987 to 1992 while living in Auburn, Alabama, becoming a High Priestess in Faerie Faith in 1992. She was a member of the original coven formed by Epona called The Garden Club in 1987 until it was disbanded in 1992. The name Garden Club has since been used as an umbrella name for all practitioners associated with The Garden Club, Faerie Faith and other solitaires. In 1991 Kerr formed her own coven called "Broomsticks" in Auburn. Beginning in 1993 she and Imré K. Rainey took turns publishing "The hazel nut" under the Garden Club name until it ceased in 1998. In 1999 she formed the Sacred Grove Academy for Pagan homeschooling, teaches the Bradley Method of natural childbirth, and in 1997 incorporated the Church of the Spiral Tree. She is the organizer of the Pagan festival, Moondance, which began in 1991 and co-organizes FallFling in October with another Garden Club member, Sherlock. Faerie Faith is headquartered out of Auburn, Alabama with members primarily scattered throughout the Southeast. Her most renown student is Cliff Landis, a technology-oriented librarian, author and speaker.

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This collection is held at Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections.


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