Nichols, Jack

Span Dates: 1962-1994; 1963-1998
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The Nichols Papers can be found in four different repositories. The first collection, Jack Nichols Papers, at the New York Public Library consists of correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, news clippings, and other printed and photocopied material. Correspondence includes letters to Nichols and Clarke (1965-1973), including letters from Bertrand Russell and and John Lindsay; copies are of autobiographical notes and Nichols's serial autobiography "The TomCat Chronicles" published in Contax as well as an annotated printout of his Autobiogaphy. Also, photographs, ephemera, and clippings of news articles about Nichols and Clarke and columns they wrote for Gay, Screw, TWN: South Florida's Weekly Gay Alternative Newspaper, and other periodicals. The second collection consists of photographs donated by Nichols to Rainbow Project. These illustrate Washington, D.C. activist and life from 1963 to 1998. The third collection consists of the 1965 correspondence between Nichols and Jack Inman during the mid 1960s when Nichols was the Vice President of the Mattachine Society in Washington, D.C. and Inman was President of Mattachine Society of Florida. The fourth collection consists of papers and files gifted by Nichols to James Sears and concerns topics covered in Sears' first volume, Lonely Hunters, of his series on the Gay South. Sears will add these papers to the James Sears Papers at Duke University.

Hist/Bio Note

Jack Nichols is a gay activist, founder of the Mattachine Society, Washington, D.C., senior editor of the online daily newspaper Gay Today, and author of numerous books and articles. See the biographical sketch in the Profile Gallery.

Finding Aid

Information for the NYPL collection is available online at this link. A brief description of the online photograph collection precedes the images and can be found by scrolling down to the Nichols Photos at http://www.rainbowhistory.org/archives.htm There is not yet a finding aid for the Inman-Nichols Letters or the materials recently added to the Sears Papers.


The Jack Nichols Papers are located in the Manuscript and Archives Division of the New York Public Library. The Inman-Nichols Letters are held at the Stonewall Archives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. More information about the collection can be found by contacting the Stonewall staff at the following web address. For further information about the James Sears Papers, see the Sears entry in this catalog.


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