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Rituals, blog posts, podcasts, essays, and other general information on Open Source Alexandrian Tradition, Circle of Cerridwen, Witches of the Golden Dawn, Rev. Gina Pond, and other members of the covens as posted to their various websites.

Hist/Bio Note

Open Source Alexandrian Tradition was founded by Rev. Gina Pond and her wife Rev. Sarah Thompson in 2009 as "a recension of the neopagan witchcraft tradition founded by Alex Sanders". It differs significantly in that gender has no bearing on male-female polarity is not seen as significant in performing magic. Roles in rituals are not prescribed to a male priest or a female priestess. It shares all information on the web in some form of delivery and is not secretive, unlike the vast majority of other Wiccan sects. Members of the covens may also practice what Rev. Sarah Thompson calls Metafaith, a form of Multiple Religious Belonging, which is distinct from syncretism (incorporating practices of other faiths into a single religious practice) Reverend Gina Pond was born January 1, 2016, grew up in Nashua, New Hampshire. She attended Elmira College in 1994 as a biochemistry student graduating in 1998. She worked as a Quality Control and Documentation specialist. Leaving this biotechnology field after 13 years, she enrolled in the Pacific School of Religion in 2011 graduating with a Master of Divinity in 2014. After reading Starhawk's "Spiral dance" she found herself yearning for more. She was initiated into an "Alexandrian-type" coven in 1999 in the Boston area, receiving 2nd degree initiation in 2001. She left this coven in 2003 and in 2005 moved to California where she founded Circle of Cerridwen in 2009. She received her Third Degree initiation, along with her wife Sarah Thompson on Beltane 2010. In November 2013 during her last year in seminary, she was ordained in the Progressive Christian Alliance (PCA). She was elected to the Leadership Council in 2016 as Councilor-at-Large, and before the term ended, was elected Leadership Council chair for 2018-2020. In March of 2017, Gina and Sarah moved to the Chicago area, and founded the virtual Strophalos of Hecate coven, in the Open Source Alexandrian Tradition in order to keep in touch with Bay Area coven members, and opening up the tradition to new members wherever they may be. In Gina's own words "My personal practice consists of Open Source Alexandrian Wicca, Christianity, prayer, meditation, trance work, aromatherapy/herbalism, little splashes of Enochian/Ceremonial, and techniques from other many different religious traditions." Reverend Sarah Thompson was born September 19, 1967 in Peterlee, England. After graduating with her Ph.D. 2006 with a focus on space electronics from University of Cambridge, she worked for NASA Ames Research Center for ten years. As a transgender female, Thompson along with Pond have been an active promoters of radical inclusion within the Wiccan and Neopagan communittees. She and Gina were married May 1, 2010

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