Prince, Gregory A. Mormon Studies Collection

Span Dates: 1813-2020
Bulk Dates:
Volume: 107 cubic feet


The Gregory A. Prince Mormon Studies Collection (MSS 16540), 1813-2020, contains about 10,000 items (107 cubic feet) and reflects a lifetime of dedicated scholarship and careful acquisition of materials by Gregory A. Prince that would be very difficult to replicate in modern times. It contains pamphlets, charts, books, manuscripts, diaries, journals, audiovisual materials, newspapers, photographs, artifacts, and ephemera related to the organization and evolution of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Of interest are the newsletters and pamphlets of Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons within the wider context of the Church. The collection includes a great variety of subjects and formats, works by both practicing Mormons and critics of the religion, all covering a large historical period. It includes works concerning Mormonism of both an official nature and from a popular culture perspective, including magazine articles, cartoons, dime novels, a comic book, and a graphic novel. It contains materials in at least fourteen different languages that demonstrate the world-wide influence of Mormonism. Topics of focus include the structure and practices of the Church, the Book of Mormon, splinter sects, race, sexuality, gay and lesbian Mormons, the role of women in the Church of Latter-Day Saints, polygamy, politics, the temperance movement, crisis of faith surveys, and the presidency of David O. McKay. An appraiser stated that the internal structural changes of the church can be traced in the “lengthy runs of priesthood, young adult, woman's journals, seminary manuals, etc.” which were typically replaced periodically or thrown away, but in this case have been retained. The collection richly documents the establishment and development of a distinctly American and modern religion.

Hist/Bio Note

“Dr. Gregory A. Prince (1948-) was born and reared in Los Angeles, California. He attended Dixie College from 1965-1967, graduating as valedictorian. He attended the UCLA School of Dentistry from 1969-1973, again graduating as valedictorian. He received a Ph.D. in Pathology from UCLA in 1975, studying respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), the primary cause of infant pneumonia worldwide. Over a period of fifteen years at the National Institutes of Health and Johns Hopkins University, he and his co-workers developed the thesis that RSV disease could be prevented by administering antiviral antibodies to high-risk infants. He co-founded Virion Systems, Inc. to commercialize this thesis, and serves as its President and CEO. In 1989, Virion Systems and MedImmune, Inc. formed a joint venture to conduct clinical trials that ultimately resulted in the licensure by the Food and Drug Administration of RespiGam™ (1996), and Synagis™ (1998) for the prevention of RSV pneumonia in high-risk infants. Synagis™ is the first monoclonal antibody ever licensed for use against any infectious agent and its first-year sales made it one of the most successful biotech product launches in history. In addition to a career in science, Dr. Prince is an acclaimed historian.”

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