Progressive British Muslims Website (Internet Archives)

Span Dates: 2005-2015
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Volume: Approx. 65 captures


The website contains links to PDFs of press releases, policy updates, and resources for local authorities regarding aspects of Islamic faith.

Hist/Bio Note

Progressive British Muslims (PBM) was founded on 10 November 2005 in the House of Commons by Farmida Bi to voice the views of progressive British Muslims who felt unrepresented by the existing faith-based groups following the July 11th, 2005 London bombing. The PBM website was maintained until the end of 2015.

Finding Aid

There is no finding aid. The website can be accessed through the WayBack Machine (web.archive.org) by searching for http://www.pbm.org.uk/. Captures of www.pbm.org.uk on the Wayback Machine after 2015 do not relate to the Progressive British Muslim organization.


The Wayback Machine of the Internet Archives preserves and provides access to this collection.


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