Radical Faeries [part of the Robin White Papers]

Span Dates: 1987-1994
Bulk Dates:
Volume: .2 linear ft.


The Robin White Papers date from 1989 to 1992 and measure 4 linear inches. The collection includes minutes and planning notes for Radical Faerie gatherings, pamphlets, directories, and other materials relating to the Nomenus land trust. The Robin White papers contain materials related to the Radical Faeries and Nomenus, the Radical Faerie land trust. The collection includes Nomenus By-Laws, meeting minutes and correspondence from San Francisco, Santa Fe, Santa Cruz and Wolf Creek Councils of Nomenus, planning notes for Radical Faerie gatherings, Radical Faerie ephemera, a thesis, 'Who Are the Radical Faeries', and notes related to Walter 'Butterfly' Blumoff.

Hist/Bio Note

Robin White was a member of the local Santa Cruz Coordinating Council of Nomenus. A biography of Robin White is not available, but additional information about the Radical Faeries can be found through their website.

Finding Aid

An online finding aid is available.


Records of the Radical Faeries are found in the Robin White Papers at the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Historical Society of Northern California (San Francisco, CA).


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