Strange Fruit Records

Span Dates: 1992-2000
Bulk Dates:
Volume: .12 meters


The folder titles include Strange Fruit's financial and organizational records as well as subject or informational files about other LGBTQ groups.

Hist/Bio Note

Strange Fruit originated in Amsterdam in 1989 as a working group of the LGBTQ rights organization COC in Amsterdam, and spun off into the association Strange Fruit the Real and came to an end in 2002. Whille queer culture is embraced and celebrated in Amsterdam, Muslim queers and queers of colour experienced marginalization. Strange Fruit responded to that by creating safe spaces for queer Muslims and queers of color, who also made up the body of members active in the organization. In their practice Strange Fruit embraced a non-hierarchical and self-help approach. They avoided the normative practices of the white COC, operated using a fusionist approach in combining cultural influences, and offered consistent outreach programs. These principles made Strange Fruit more effective and gave the organization an influence beyond European borders. Strange Fruit advocated for approaches that unified the group. This meant that the group did not just consist of queer Muslim men but consisted of African, Middle Eastern, Afro-Dutch, Asians, Asian-Dutch and women. There were no limitations to who could join or become involved it was an open and welcoming space.

Finding Aid

A brief list of contents is available online, but detailed information is not public.


This collection is housed at the International institute of Social History library and archives in Amsterdam, within the ILHIA Collection. IHLIA is an independent organisation located in OBA Oosterdok in Amsterdam. IHLIA is continuously involved in collecting information about the LGBTI community and making it accessible.


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