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Queering Our Roots Launch Party

Queering Our Roots Launch Party
Sunday October 3, 2021 at 4pm CT

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Join us for the Launch Party for LGBTQ-RAN’s 20th anniversary campaign on Sunday afternoon, October 3rd.   This online gathering will kick off the Queering Our Roots campaign in which we will honor five elders of LGBTQ religious movements in intergenerational dialogues as well as highlight the rich history LGBTQ-RAN has collected over the past twenty years.

The Launch party will feature:

  • Brief reflections from long-time LGBTQ-RAN team members Mark Bowman, Carl Foote and Doris Malkmus—as well as some other early advisors—about how LGBTQ-RAN got started.
  • Review of the Queering Our Roots campaign and ways you can be involved in this five-week celebration.
  • Initiation of challenge to raise $20,000 to plant seeds for LGBTQ-RAN's future (which will be matched by an anonymous donor). 
  • Peer Interest Groups in which you can meet up with colleagues and friends from different streams of LGBTQ religious movements.

Peer Interest Groups that will gather include;
Catholics hosted by Marianne Duddy-Burke & Bernie Schlager
GENDERational Musings hosted by Barbara Satin
Historians hosted by Monique Moultrie
Rabbis hosted by Lisa Edwards
Theologians hosted by Nancy Wilson
Writers hosted by A. Elias Ramer

We're looking for more Interest Groups!!  If you are interested in hosting a Peer Interest Group, contact mark@lgbtqreligiousarchives.org

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