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This Profiles Gallery presents more than 550 biographical sketches of persons who have been leaders or prominent initiators in LGBTQ religious movements around the world. The stories of these persons are a rich repository of wisdom and encouragement for emerging activists and leaders, for today’s students and for historians of the future. The Profiles Gallery also includes Remembrances of these leaders and activists submitted by other persons.


To enroll yourself or someone else for this Profiles Gallery, send a biographical statement  and digital photo to: profiles@lgbtqreligiousarchives.org.

When drafting a biographical statement for yourself or for someone else, recognize that you are providing information for historians today and in the future. By perusing the Profiles Gallery, you will see that biographical sketches vary in length from a few to many paragraphs. The statement should portray the whole of the subject’s life while highlighting particular involvement with LGBTQ religious movements. A profile usually unfolds in roughly chronological order covering these major areas:

  • family and religious context in which raised;
  • educational and vocational formation;
  • work history;
  • emergence into LGBT religious movements;
  • significant LGBT religious groups and/or events in which participated and roles carried out; and
  • writings and publications.

With this information it is helpful to provide dates, locations and names of other persons as possible. Finally, keep in mind that it is easy for LGBTQ-RAN to update these profiles at any time in the future–simply send new or revised information to profiles@lgbtqreligiousarchives.org.


You are encouraged to record your significant experience with or knowledge of someone in the Profiles Gallery by submitting a Remembrance. To do this, go to their Profile page and click on the “Tell Us Your Experience” link near the bottom of the page.  Try to provide as much detail as possible about the person as you experienced them. Try to be specific with dates, names and locations. Your recollections and stories about leaders of LGBTQ religious movements are a valuable addition to the historical record.  All entries are reviewed by LGBTQ-RAN staff before posting.