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Baptized in the United Methodist Church, influenced by the Church of the Brethren, and raised in the Southern Presbyterian Church, it is little wonder that the Rev. Ann B. Day found a spiritual home in the ecumenically-committed United Church of Christ (UCC). Equally drawn by its Christ-centered life and commitment to social justice, she was ordained in the UCC after completing her Master of Divinity degree at Vanderbilt Divinity School in 1978. While in seminary, she served as the first coordinator of the Women’s Office at the Divinity School.

After seminary, Ann served as associate pastor at First Congregational Church UCC in Holden, Massachusetts until 1981. In the years following, she discovered and became increasingly involved with the United Church Coalition for Lesbian/Gay Concerns (now the UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns). In 1987, she became its Open and Affirming (ONA) Program coordinator, assisting UCC settings in becoming and being ONA (publicly welcoming to LGBT persons). The ONA work of the Coalition includes maintaining the listings of ONA settings in the UCC and, in cooperation with national UCC staff and others, provides the primary leadership for assisting settings with an ongoing process of ONA study and witness. 

For twenty years, Ann's ministry involved writing, preaching, developing resources, providing pastoral support to clergy and laypersons, and offering educational programs. During this time, her partner, Donna Enberg, served as ONA Administrative Assistant, doing invaluable work to keep the database and finances of the program in order and see that resources were sent on their way promptly. As Coalition staff, Ann and Donna were also actively involved in the ecumenical Welcoming Church Movement. With deep gratitude for the opportunity to provide ONA leadership and for many, wonderful Welcoming friends and colleagues, they retired from this ministry in 2007.

Ann has long had an interest in worship and liturgy, serving for many years on the Annual Meeting Worship Committee of the Massachusetts Conference of the UCC. Her prayers, litanies, and other worship materials have been published in collections including, Flames of the Spirit, Women Pray, Touch Holiness, and Shaping Sanctuary.

In 2009, Ann moved to "retired" clergy standing in the UCC in order to focus more on her work as President of the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation which has among its guidelines projects which increase understanding and inclusion of LGBT persons in religious traditions.

In 2004, Donna and Ann were legally wed at their church, United Congregational Church (UCC) in Worcester, Mass. They enjoy their home where one likes things tidy and the other favors the cluttered look. (Fortunately, they do not share an office.) TV-compatible, they do not (often) fight over the remote control. They like to read, enjoy the beauty of Maine, and eat brownies on holidays. Their family includes two grown children and seven grandchildren (who also like brownies).

 (This biographical statement provided by Ann B. Day.)

Biography Date: April, 2004

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