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Bo Young is the publisher and editorial director of White Crane Journal, the Journal of Gay Spirit, Wisdom and Culture.

Formerly the poetry editor and associate editor for White Crane Journal, Bo was food editor for RFD, where his column "Communions" appeared quarterly. As biographer of Clyde Hall, Bo has traveled extensively with this Shoshone Two-Spirit medicine elder among Native American communities of North America, living on reservation, and participating in numerous ceremonies including the Naraya (Ghost Dance) and sacred pipe bundle ceremonies with the Blackfeet. After years of study with Harry Hay and John Burnside, he and a circle of co-facilitators offer Harry's Circle of Loving Companions workshop based in Harry’s theories and ideas. His work has also taken him to the Peru to work with native shamans in the Amazon.

With Dan Vera, he is a founding director of White Crane Institute. White Crane Institute promotes the study of the role of unconventional or queer sexualities and gender orientations in the evolution, psychology, sociology, and practice of spirituality, ritual, and religion.

White Crane Institute’s goal is to foster the gathering and dissemination of information about the critical role sexuality and gender have played and continue to play in the development of cultural, spiritual and religious traditions and to provide a nurturing environment for the continuation and expansion of those explorations for the greater good of all society.

In addition to his contributions to and work with White Crane Journal, his writings have appeared in Fine Cooking magazine, RFD, POZ Magazine, the Village Voice, the Los Angeles Times, and the Palm Springs Sun. He is the author of a book of poetry, First Touch (White Crane Press, 1998).

Originally from Chicago, via San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Connecticut, Bo now lives in Brooklyn with his fere, William Foote.

(This biographical statement provided by Bo Young.)

Biography Date: June, 2004


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