Dumisani Dube


Dumisani Dube was “born and bred” in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 1972. He was raised by his mother alone and was the middle child of two brothers and two sisters. It was not easy, but his mother worked hard to make sure he and his siblings had a roof over their heads, shoes on their feet, and food on the table. While growing up, his family was Catholic.

Dube realized he was different at a younger age, but did not know what it meant to be gay. He thought of it as a phase and that he would eventually grow out of it. However, as he grew up, he began to learn about homosexuality. The feeling he had for the same sex did not change even while his peers began to marry the opposite sex. Eventually, he did accept that he was gay.

Even though comfortable and happy to live at home in Zimbabwe, it was hard to live as a homosexual man in his home country where same-sex relationships are criminalized. One of Dube’s brothers suggested he move to South Africa for his own protection and happiness. His brother bought him a ticket to travel to South Africa and he moved there in 2009.

The transition was not easy, but as soon as Dube moved to South Africa he searched for a Catholic church to attend. He found Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. While he was perusing through the resources of the church, he stumbled upon the church bulletin. In the bulletin, it was advertised that there was a gay and lesbian support group. He attended his first meeting soon after and it turned out to be exactly the community he was seeking. The priest and the leaders of the group welcomed him warmly and he felt right at home. He is now a leader of the LGBT ministry in his parish.

Dube is the founder of  Dialogue for Change, which is an LGBT organization in Zimbabwe and South Africa that organizes dialogue between the LGBT community and religious leaders. He is also Editor-in-Chief for Exit Newspaper (www.exit.co.za), an LGBTQI community newspaper in South Africa. He also has a background in education, which informs his work in ministry. He hopes to see LGBT people in South Africa and Zimbabwe have strength and perseverance, live a life they deserve, and prosper.

(This biographical statement written by Ve'Amber Miller from communications with Dumisani Dube and was edited by Dube.)

Biography Date: June 2021


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