Rev. Gwen Fry


The Reverend Gwen Fry is an ordained Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Arkansas and has 25 years of experience in a wide range of parish settings. Her experience coming out as a trans woman of faith makes her keenly aware of the necessity for the equality of all God’s children.

Experiencing the effects of discrimination first hand, she has been actively involved in the work of justice in the transgender community both in Arkansas and across the Episcopal Church.

Gwen is the Vice President of National Affairs for Integrity USA, an LGBT organization within the Episcopal Church, and a founding member of the Central Arkansas Integrity chapter. She is a board member of Pridecorps, an LGBTQ youth center in Little Rock, Arkansas. An active member of TransEpiscopal, Gwen, also serves on its steering committee. She is an advocate and activist for the transgender community and has provided a wide variety of trainings for faculty and staff in schools, churches, and community organizations. Her speaking schedule includes events both in Arkansas and nationally.

(This biographical statement provided by Gwen Fry.)

Biography Date: October 2017


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