Rev. Judy Davenport


Judy Davenport was born in Cleburne, Texas on May 6, 1942. The only child of a single parent, Judy was raised by her loving maternal grandmother while her mother provided their income as a hairdresser. Judy attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, majoring in sports broadcasting and journalism.

Davenport had become a member of a Metropolitan Community Church and was content to serve as deacon when two young lesbians came to her begging for an MCC Church in their area. While praying about the matter, Judy received the response that she needed to become a minister if she truly wanted to serve these people and others like them.

And thus a VERY shy and bashful Judy Davenport began her journey as a minister with Metropolitan Community Churches. In later life, old friends and acquaintances from her past would be absolutely amazed at this very shy small Texas town country girl that became a preacher.

Rev. Davenport was licensed to MCC ministry in 1979 and ordained in 1989. She was the founding pastor of both MCC San Antonio and MCC Corpus Christi. She pastored at MCC Albuquerque and MCC Oklahoma City. She also served as District Coordinator for the MCC Southeast District and the South Central  MCC District. And she served as president of MCC Board of Pensions and was a member of the MCC Corporate and Legal Team.

While busy closing the MCC Southeast District and making the transition to a new form of administration, Rev. Davenport suddenly and unexpected passed away in St. Petersburg, Florida, on June 17, 2002.

Rev. Troy Perry, founder of MCC, stated in her death announcement, “Judy was not only my colleague and a pioneer in our MCC movement, she was my valued and trusted friend, and she gave her life to the ministry of Metropolitan Community Churches. I spent many, many hours with Judy and her partner, Barbara, on many occasions as we would travel across the state of Florida visiting MCC congregations there. She was one of those faithful spiritual leaders who are described in Hebrews 11 as heroes of the faith. In one translation of the Bible, Hebrews 11:2 which I believe applies to Judy’s life, notes ‘It is for their faith that they were approved of God.’ I will deeply miss her passion for ministry, her commitment to our churches, her wise counsel, and her wry sense of humor.”

Rest in peace, Reverend Davenport, after a life well lived and a ministry well done for your God.

(This biographical statement compiled by Barbara Holcomb.)

Biography Date: June, 2010


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