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Royal D. Bush was born and raised in Bellevue, Nebraska where his mother attended the First Baptist Church of Bellevue. A few years after graduating high school, Royal began volunteer within the GLBT community with the Imperial Court of Nebraska. Royal spent many years in the private law enforcement industry and many more in the hospitality industry.

In the early 1990’s Royal started attending worship at Metropolitan Community Church of Omaha. While serving as Minister of Hospitality, Royal responded to his calling to serve others. After studying with Andersonville Theological Seminary, he founded Inclusive Life Pastoral Services in Omaha. In 2009 he became licensed and ordained by Inclusive Life Pastoral Services (www.inclusivelife.org)

Today, Chaplain Royal continues to serve others in his role with Inclusive Life and as a community activist for GLBT equality issues. He also volunteers with the Nebraska AIDS Project, Omaha Transgender Day of Remembrance, Imperial Court of Nebraska, Heartland Pride and has brought people together for local and regional candlelight vigils for various concerns and observations.

A highlight of his life was participating in the 2009 Equality March on Washington and visiting the National Holocaust Museum in Washington. Chaplain Royal shares “Hearing Rev. Troy Perry open the March with his powerful, healing, and commanding words, brought tears to my eyes, hope to my heart and faith to my spirit.”

He continues to share his message that “You are beautiful, you are loved and you are worthy, just as you are.”Chaplain Royal believes that care and service should be given to all regardless of their religious, non-religiousor spiritual beliefs; all should be served without exception.

Chaplain Royal is a monthly contributor to the Access Line newspaper (http://accesslineiowa.com) and often contributes to the GayZette, an Omaha GLBT newsletter (http://rainbowoutreach.org)

Chaplain Royal has called Nebraska home for most of his life. He lives in Omaha with his best friend and husband Jonathan Carleton.  They were married in Iowa in March 2012 and Royal took the Carleton surname.  

(This biographical statement provided by Royal Bush Carleton.)

Biography Date: January, 2013


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