Video Clips

LGBTQ-RAN provides these short video clips from presentations made by LGBTQ Christian leaders in the U.S. at the Rolling the Stone Away: Generations of Justice and Love Conference in October 2017.   These video clips are intended for use in classrooms and instructional settings to illustrate the development and history of LGBTQ religious movements.  Permission is given for one-time use in a classroom or other educational settings.  For all other uses, contact info@lgbtqreligiousarchives.org.

Rev. Darnell Fennell speaks about “ready or not, here we come”…dismantling systems of oppression. (4:37)
View full session (clip starts at 1:11:35).
Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza speaks about an eternal search for joyful belonging as a queer, gender-nonconforming Mexican-American. (4:46)
View full session (clip starts at 1:16:11).
Rev. Deborah Johnson speaks about cultural touchstones of the 1970s that affirmed a lesbian person of faith. (4:35)
View full session (clip starts at 6:05).
Rev. Dr. William R. Johnson speaks about his journey to ordination as an openly gay man in 1972. (7:05)
View full session (clip starts at 27:30).
Rev. Chuck Lewis speaks about witnessing the police raid at the 1965 New Years Day Ball in San Francisco. (3:27)
View full session (clip starts at 30:28).
Rev. Dr. Renee McCoy speaks about God’s unconditional love in the face of AIDS and oppression. (2:57)
View full session (clip starts at 9:50).
Rev. Loey Powell speaks about her awakening as a lesbian feminist in the 1970s. (2:58)
View full session (clip starts at 59:54).