Boyd, Winton Oral History

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A description of this oral history is available in the library catalog: “In his June 2012 interview with Christine Haas, Winton Boyd discusses his family and growing up in Minneapolis, MN. He explains his history and involvement with the LGBT community; through being the Senior Pastor at Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ and as a brother to three gay/lesbian siblings. He discusses the following topics: family, LGBT issues, open and affirming congregations, gay and lesbian issues of acceptance, Christian fellowship, Spiritually Affirming Friends Everywhere (SAFE) group, Boy Scouts, marriage amendment, activism, and inclusion.”

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A brief description of the interview can be found by searching the library catalog.


The oral history is located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Special Collections and Archives.


United Church of Christ/Congregational Church | Open and Affirming in the UCC (ONA & formerly UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns) | Activist (religious institutions) | Clergy Activist | Minneapolis | Minnesota