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This blog was maintained by Kittredge Cherry as a place for LGBTQ spirituality and the arts. It is a component of the website Jesus In Love which promotes artistic and religious freedom and teaches love for all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or religious faith. Jesus in Love also includes an e-newsletter, videos, image archive and an informal online community of people who share her vision. Jesus in Love specializes in art that is too queer for religious groups and too religious for LGBT organizations. The mission is important because conservatives are misusing religion to justify hate and discrimination against LGBT people. Kittredge was inspired by Jesus when she launched Jesus in Love, but she respects all religions. She chose the name “Jesus in Love” because Jesus, being human, must have fallen in love, and Jesus, being divine, is also madly in love with everyone. She offers her vision of Jesus in a spirit of love.

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