Marhaba (Internet Archive)

Span Dates: 2017
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Volume: Approx. 20 captures


The website contains information about the organization's mission and community resources relating to mental health in Australia.

Hist/Bio Note

Marhaba Inc. is a Muslim LGBTQIA+ social support group based in Australia with regular meetings, referrals to support services, and a safe space where spirituality and sexuality can be reconciled.

Finding Aid

There is no finding aid. The website can be accessed through the WayBack Machine (web.archive.org) by searching for http://www.marhaba.org.au/. Once on the archived website, snapshots of the various web pages can be navigated. The domain name expired in 2017; any subsequent archived instances of this domain name in the Wayback Machine would not relate to Marhaba.


This collection is available on the Internet Archives Wayback Machine.


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