O'Donovan, Connell Hill Collection

Span Dates: 1840-2004
Bulk Dates:
Volume: 6 linear ft.


This collection consists of research materials collected by Connell O'Donovan for a LGBT Mormon archives and his own essays on LGBT Mormon history. They include photocopied and original correspondence (both personal and ecclesiastical) [1870-2000], journals (of George Albert Smith [1890s-1940s; photocopied], Rudger Clawson [1894; photocopied and transcribed], Connell O'Donovan [1979-2004; original], and Ben Williams [Gay BYU student in the 1970s; transcript], and photocopied excerpts from the journals of many other people), photocopied arrest and court records [1880s-1890s], photographs (originals and photocopies) [1865-1995], photocopied and original anti-Gay pamphlets published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) [1967-2001], photocopied anti-Gay sermons by leaders of LDS Church [1953-2003], photocopied and original newspaper and magazine articles [1840s to 2004], Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons materials (mostly original meeting minutes and newsletters, both for the national organization and the Wasatch Chapter in Salt Lake) [1987-ca. 1994], .5 linear feet/6 folders of Queer Nation Utah materials for 1990-92 (original meeting minutes, organizational records, and original issues of Queer Fuckers Monthly [QFM] 'zine, stickers, posters, etc.). (This collection documents the protests against homophobia in the Mormon Church.) photocopied and transcribed 19th century Lesbian poetry of Kate Thomas, galley proofs of two books on LGBT Mormons (D. Michael Quinn's 1996 "Same Sex Dynamics Among 19th Century Americans: A Mormon Example" and Schow, Schow & Raynes' 1991 "Peculiar People: Mormons and Same-Sex Orientation"), original interview notes and tape recordings [1975-2004] of several dozen people, photocopied PhD dissertation from Brigham Young University (BYU) about electric shock therapy on Gay students, notes and tentative chapters for a proposed book on LGBT Mormon history by O'Donovan, photocopied BYU inter-office memos [1950s-1980s], photocopied BYU executive committee and Board of Directors minutes [1970s-1980s], original biographies O'Donovan has written/compiled on various important LBGT Mormons (such as Sgt. Leonard Matlovich, Dr. Leona Holbrook, Natacha Rambova [nee Winifred Kimball Shaughnessy], Patriarch Joseph Fielding Smith, Mildred "Barry" Berryman, Evan Stephens etc.), a photocopy of the Mildred Berryman collection (documenting the Lesbian community in Salt Lake during the 1920s and 30s) which is also in the June L. Mazer Collection, photocopied excommunication trial minutes [1870s-1980s], photocopied LDS Church records (baptismal, sealing, endowment records) on various LGBT people, original posters and banners

Hist/Bio Note

See the Connell O'Donovan biography in the Profile Gallery.

Finding Aid

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The collection is currently located at O'Donovan's home and is not available online. Arrangements to view the collection can be made by contacting him through his website.


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