Robb, James Harding Papers

Span Dates: 1951-1985
Bulk Dates:
Volume: 88 linear meters


The James Harding Robb collection consists of materials related to his research with the Bureau of Social Science Research (1936-1940) and the Homosexual Law Reform Society. His research files contain meeting minutes, memorandum, and annual reports dating from the mid 1950's to late 1960's and deal extensively with homosexuality. There is one box of materials related to his membership on the Public Questions Committee of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. The collection also contains 7 boxes of papers relating to the Homosexual Law Reform Society of New Zealand, including articles and publications published by/for the Presbyterian Church and various other groups on homosexuality and law reform. The collection also contains newsclippings from local Wellington newspapers which document viewpoints, opinions and current events surrounding the subject of homosexual law reform in New Zealand. There are several letters to Robb from the Presbyterian Church acknowledging his contribution to the debate surrounding homosexual law reform as well as an article on homosexuality by Robb that was published by the Presbyterian Church in the 1980s.

Hist/Bio Note

James Robb was a lecturer in Sociology at Victoria University of Wellington before serving as Professor of Sociology from 1966 to 1985. He served as a member of the National Development Council, Social Development Council, committees of the National Council of Churches, the Presbyterian Social Services Association, the National Commission for UNESCO and some university committees. J.H. Robb was a member of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand and served on a Sub-Committee of the Public Questions Committee established to consider homosexuality.

Finding Aid

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