Rowan Tree Church Periodical Collection

Span Dates: 1977-2016
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Volume: 18 boxes; 17 digital links


The Rowan Tree Church is an Earth-focused network of Communities and solitary practitioners dedicated to the study and practice of the Wiccan Tradition they call Lothloriën. They encourage spiritual growth through support, resources and educational opportunities for Members. They also offer formal pathworking leading to an understanding of the Inner Mysteries. This collection contains scans of original periodicals associated with the Rowan Tree Church.

Hist/Bio Note

The Rowan Tree Church was formed in 1979 gaining legal recognition on February 4, 1980. Founded by Rev. Paul Vincent Beyerl (1945–), a third-degree initiate of the Alexandrian Tradition, the church’s Wiccan faith is called the Tradition of Lothloriën. Lothloriën was formed to be more inclusive and accepting of gays and lesbians, like its gay founder. From the beginning, a library of contemporary Pagan and Wiccan publications was acquired to provide resources for their students. At its height, the Church had over forty publications it subscribed to or exchanged. Although Rev. Paul Beyerl moved several times, the periodicals remained in Minneapolis under the care of Church members for a number of years. In May of 1995, the collection was relocated from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Moline, Illinois, under the custodianship of Patricia Youngquist (1948–2010). A year after the move, Rev. Beyerl noted that the collection was inaccessible due to its fragility but hoped that one day the collection could be “placed on microfilm or CD for future generations.” Subscriptions had dwindled, but were still ongoing. In 2006 the periodicals were moved again and continued to remain in storage with Rev. Beyerl reiterating that they are inaccessible due to their fragility. Under the custodianship of “Lizard” Frank Cordeiro (1944–), they were secured in plastic tubs in the hopes that one day they could be preserved. Guy Frost learned of their fate and extended an invitation to Rev. Paul Beyerl to give them a new home, which, after consulting with Board members, he accepted.

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This collection is housed at: Valdosta State University Archives, Odum Library 1500 N. Patterson St. Valdosta GA 30601 United States


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