Haven Herrin


Haven Herrin is a queer, trans* white Southerner from Texas. They are in love with the organizing of Soulforce because it deeply connects the spiritual, the personal, and the political in the work of challenging Christian Supremacy. Haven started with Soulforce in 2005 as an Equality Ride Co-Director, a recurring tour of the campuses of the Religious Right. From that work unfurled an understanding of the Religious Right as a centuries long project premised upon colonization, white supremacy, and patriarchy and the stake that LGBTQI people have in ending that order. Haven loves nothing more than creating the space for everyday activists to locate and embrace their power and wholeness. They approach organizing as an artist and designer, and dance keeps their spirit alive in these challenging times.

(This biographical statement provided by Haven Herrin.)

Biography Date: September 2017


Soulforce | Activist (religious institutions) | Trans activism | EXHIBIT Rolling the Stone Away


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