Rev. Jorge Sosa


 The Rev. Elder Jorge Sosa was the second of a three children family, the only son with two wonderful sisters. Sosa received a ministry call early in life and wanted to join the Missionaries of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Later he came to know that his desire had been a blend of “calling” and “getting away.” When he realized that there was something “different” about himself, he decided to wait to pursue his calling and to develop some other skills.  While attending the National Conservatory of Music of Mexico to study violin and oboe, he met Rodolfo Albarran, his life partner. Sosa also studied Italian and Russian. This presented him with an opportunity to know about different cultures and to learn about and share with people from different nations. Sosa earned a bachelors degree in education from the Universidad Panamericana and worked as a therapist for handicapped children.

Prior to entering UFMCC ministry, Sosa taught language and music courses at Internacional de Idiomas Polanco, Colegio Ingles-Mexicano, Colegio Simon Bolivar, Instituto Mexicano de la Audicion Y el Lenguaje, and the Colegion Nacional de Educacion Profesional Tecnica. He is the author of two works: "Legislacion y politica educativa de Mexico" and "Instrumentacion educativa."

When Sosa and his partner came to Metropolitan Community Church in Mexico City (Iglesia de la Communidad Metropolitana Reconciliacion) in 1989 they found a place to be, to recover, and to realize Jorge's call and ministry. He served as Lay Pastor there beginning in 1991, was licensed as MCC clergy ion 1993 and ordained in 1997. In finding ways to harmonize his sexuality with his Christian faith and to advocate for LGBT persons, Sosa met and worked with significant religious leaders, such as the Roman Catholic Bishop Sergio Mendez Arceo.

Rev. Sosa was appointed to the Board of Elders of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches in October 1997. While on the Board he toured Central and South America, where he participated in the first worship service of MCC of Sao Paulo (Brazil) and preached and taught at churches in Nicaragua, Argentina, Mexico, and the United States. 

Sosa said that being an Elder was a wonderful time “to know different cultures and nations, learning and sharing, seeding and supporting, knowing and respecting differences that underline the COMMUN presence of God leading us into unity for the unconditional presence and action of Jesus’ love.”

Rev. Sosa retired from the Board of Elders in 1999 but continued his activism and frequently appeared in different forums and media outlets in Mexico speaking for LGBT persons. He died on November 17, 2009 at the age of 53 from complications with pneumonia.

(This biographical statement taken from the program book of the 1999 General Conference of the MCC and other MCC news sources.)

Biography Date: February, 2010


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