Rev. Michael Kimindu


Rev. Michael Nzuki Kimindu was born in 1952 in the hills of rural Kenya, east of Nairobi.  He is the father of four daughters. He trained for ordination as an Anglican priest from 1977 to 1979, receiving his Master of Sacred Theology (STM) from Christian Theological Seminary of Indiana in the U.S.

After ordination in 1979, he served his first six years in an Anglican Parish and then  joined Kenya Navy as its chaplain.  During this time he was asked to counsel two servicemen caught in a relationship.  After prayerful thought and study, Kimindu concluded that there was nothing wrong about it. In 2003, Rev Kimindu started the Other Sheep Ministry while still serving in the Kenya Navy.

Rev Kimindu retired from the Navy in 2006 and went back to the parish in the Anglican Church. Shortly thereafter, he was minimalized by the Anglican Church in Kenya for his commitment to LGBTI rights. 

In 2008, Rev Kimindu was licensed by the Metropolitan Community Church and now he leads Neema (Grace)  MCC of Mtito Andei, Kenya with his wife Pastor Robai.  In additional to local church pastoring, Rev. Kimindu is the CEO of Other Sheep Africa (OSA), a Christian organization (NGO) duly registered in Kenya which advocates for human rights with an emphasis on LGBTI rights within Christianity and Islam. He also serves as the African coordinator for the Global Justice Institute.

With support from Mr. Stan C. Kimer and the Global Justice Institute affiliated with MCC, Rev. Kimindu has established a multipurpose center at Mtito Andei to serve the LGBTI Community and society at large.

(This biographical statement provided by Stan C. Kimer.)

Biography Date: December, 2016


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