LGBTQ-RAN offers two awards:

Virginia Ramey Mollenkott Award

To encourage and support original research and study of LGBTQ religious history, LGBTQ-RAN offers an annual award for papers, the Virginia Ramey Mollenkott Award. Initiated in 2005, this award honors outstanding scholarship in LGBTQ religious history from among an array of academic papers submitted. The Virginia Ramey Mollenkott Award is the only award offered in this academic arena.

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2023-24 Honoree

Austin Steelman for his paper "Not an 'Ordinary Man:' J. Gresham Machen and the Un-Queering of Evangelical Theology."

LGBTQ-RAN Educational Resource Prize

To further the teaching and instruction of LGBTQ+ history in various classroom contexts, the LGBTQ Religious Archives Network offers an annual LGBTQ-RAN Educational Resource Prize. Inaugurated in 2021, the prize honors scholars and teachers developing curricular and instructional materials for the teaching of LGBTQ+ religious history at all levels of education from primary to higher education, as well as in congregational or community settings.

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2023 Honoree

Rima Vesley-Flad for her course syllabus for Buddhism, Race, Gender, and Sexuality.