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Span Dates: 2001-2011
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The papers of Anthony Venn-Brown comprise a scrapbook compiled from c.2001 to c.2011 by Venn-Brown documenting his work with Freedom 2b, the publication of his autobiography ‘A Life of Unlearning’. The clippings are largely drawn from the Sydney LGBTIQ community press, including Star Observer, DNA and SX.

Hist/Bio Note

A profile of this gay evangelical activist is available on this website.

Finding Aid

A preliminary finding aid available in ALGA is copied in full here. Papers of Anthony Venn-Brown, c.2001-c.2011 Author: Venn-Brown, Anthony, 1951- Access: Available for research. Description: 60cm (1 scrapbook) Summary: The Papers of Anthony Venn-Brown comprise a scrapbook compiled from c.2001 to c.2011 by Venn-Brown documenting his work with Freedom 2b, the publication of his autobiography ‘A Life of Unlearning’. The clippings are largely drawn from the Sydney LGBTIQ community press, including Star Observer, DNA and SX. Biography: Anthony Venn-Brown (born 13 March 1951) is a former Australian evangelist in the Assemblies of God and an author whose book, A Life of Unlearning describes his experience in Australia’s first ex-gay program. He is also the Co- founder and previous Convenor of Freedom 2b, a network for LGBTIQ people from Pentecostal, Charismatic and Evangelical backgrounds. He is also the founder and CEO of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International (ABBI). Provenance: 2017-0095 Related material: A life of unlearning / Anthony Venn-Brown (2004; 2007; 2015), Book Collection Finding aid: Prepared by Nick Henderson. Finding aid available in the ALGA Reading Room. Subjects: Venn-Brown, Anthony, 1951- – Archives Occupation: Evangelist; Authors Terms of use: Copying of material created by Anthony Venn-Brown are permitted for research purposes. Scrapbook Loose items (inside front cover) 1. GLBT Community Awards : Honour 11 (2001) [program] [also known as the 2011 Honour Awards] 2. Michael Lallo and Jonathan Swan, Healing the gay worshipper, The Sun-Herald, Sunday, April 8, 2012, p.14-15 3. New life member inducted, Star Observer, Friday 14 September 2012, p26 [SGLBA] 4. Nick Cook, Coming out is different for everyone, DNA, p.31-34 [issue and date not specified] 5. Nick Cook, Love or hate?, DNA, p.32-35 [issue and date not specified] 6. Anthony Venn-Brown, Faith vs sexuality, SX News, 18 April 2011, p.14 7. A fun and festive five-year celebration for Freedom 2 b[e], City Voice, 11 May 2011, p.12 8. Clair Weaver, Undercover at a gay ‘cure’ group, Madison Magazine, p.54-57 [issue and date not specified] 9. Alan Kong and Brendan Bolger, Madden, ‘say sorry’, Community Voice, n.34, Wednesday March 2, 2011, p.1 10. Nick Cook, The Protagonist, DNA, p42-48 [issue and date not specified; Gary Burns] 11. Sophie Jeliba, Keeping the faith, Vertigo, n.11, 2009, p12-14. 12. Living life, by Patsy Rowe (New Holland Publishers, n.d.) [invitation] 13. Richard Watts, The ex-factor, SX News, 28 September 2006, p.15 14. Andrew Potts, Ex gay DVDs in Penrith public libraries, n.d. [source, issue, and date not specified; print out from online source 15. Congratulations Tim and the team at the Midnight Shift [advertisement], SX News, 17 August 2006, p.29. Items pasted into scrapbook Items are listed in page number sequence, with items separated by semicolon indicate they are items on the same page (always reading top to bottom, left to right) 1. Anthony Venn-Brown/New Holland Publishers, A Life of Unlearning, [flyer], May 2004 (taken from item on page 2) 2. New Holland Publishers, A Life of Unlearning, [flyer], May 2004, flyer for book release (back side of item on page 1) 3. New Holland Publishers, Invitation, [invitation]; New Holland Publishers, Request the pleasure of your company at the launch of A Life of Unlearning by Anthony Venn- Brown, [invitation] back of first item, Thursday 13 May, Darlinghurst NSW; Q books, A Life of Unlearning, [newspaper article], n.d. 4. Anthony Venn-Brown, The getting of wisdom, The Age Good Weekend, May 22, 2004; John Rickard, The Out Coach, Australian Book Review, August 2004; Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association, Ex Hillsong Preacher Wins Gay Literary Award, n.d. 5. Brad Court, better the devil you know – from abomination to evangelism, and self- acceptance, SX News 2004, p.8. 6. Gary Fishlock, A life of unlearning, [newspaper article], book review, source and date unknown; QNews, Community Profile Preacher in Pink, [article], print out of website, 7th August 2004; The Bookshop Darlinghurst, Gay Bestsellers of 2004, source and date unknown. 7. Anthony Venn-Brown, Soul Survivor, [magazine article], That’s Life magazine, n.d. 8. OUT! Magazine, Book Review of A Life of Unlearning, [article], n.d.; Oliver Björksäter- Bleylock, Revelations, [magazine article], DNA, September 2004, p.54-56. 9. Continues the Revelations Article 10. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Business Association, Business Awards for 2004, [advertisement], Sydney Star Observer, Thursday 25 November 2004. 11. Queensland Pride, Love Conquers Church, [newspaper article], 23 December 2004 12. Maggie Hamilton, In search of meaning..., [magazine article] Good Reading, 2004. 13. reView, TEXT, [magazine article], Refresh 2004; BookLover, A Life of Unlearning, [magazine article], cut out from magazine, Wellbeing, 2005; Back in the pulpit, [newspaper article], SX, n.d. 14. Brad Court, Swimming in murky waters, [newspaper article], source and date unknown. 15. Anthony Venn-Brown, Be my friend – An open letter to Peter Stokes, [newspaper article], SX Weekly (?), date unknown; Peter Stokes, Letters to the Editor It doesn’t add up, SX Weekly, date unknown; Anthony Venn-Brown, United Front, [newspaper comment], source and date unknown. 16. Diana Bagnall, Australia’s Pentecostal churches are leading a Christian revival, [newspaper article], few pages, The Bulletin, March 29, 2005; Mark Parry, Reader’s reviews, goodreading, November 2005. 17. Madeliser, books, date unknown [magazine article], white background 18. Gary Fishlock, Humble beginnings, [newspaper article], SX, 13 October, 2005; First global group for gay Pentecostals, The Pink Breadsheet, [newspaper article] Tuesday, 18th October. 19. [Loose items]: Profiler: Antony Venn-Brown, [newspaper article], source and date unknown; L.Gorman, q:Books by L.Gorman, print out of book and movie reviews, date and source unknown, on other side Anthony Venn-Brown Personal Coach, email confirmation of enrolling into Anthony’s event, 5th June 2005; New Holland Publishers, Living Life, [flyer], Monday 26th June, year unknown; Blaze Media, Most Aussies Favour Same-Sex laws, [newsletter], covers two pages. Loose items (back page) 1. Nick Cook, Married Men Who, [magazine article], DNA, n.d., p40-46 2. Rob Marshman, A Light Within, [magazine interview], DNA, n.d., p58-59 3. Erin O’Dwyer, Straightened Out, [newspaper article], The Sun-Herald, July 13, 2008 4. Fenella Souter, Shades of Gay, [newspaper article], The Age Good Weekend, August 4 2007, covers 3 separate sheets 5. Gary Fishlock, This could be you, [newspaper clipping], n.d., source unknown 6. Warwick Stevenson, Scary as Hell, [magazine article], 3 pages stapled together, DNA, April 2005 7. Sam Butler, Hatred First, [newspaper clipping], Queer Penguin Blogspot, n.d. 8. Jordan Kerr, Wake up and smell the coffee, [newspaper article], SX News, 27 October 2005, p4. 9. John Burfitt, Gloria Jean’s hits back at boycott, [newspaper article], Sydney Star Observer, Thursday 20 October 2005. 10. Anthony McLean, Religion vs Homosexuality, [magazine article], SX National, Issue 26, May 2005, p8. 11. Robert Maxwell, Preaching to the choir, [newspaper article], SX News, 7 July 2005. 12. John Heard, Gay and God Loving, [magazine article], SX National, Issue 28, July 2005, p10. 13. Resource Review – Blurb for Newsletter, review of A life of unlearning, January 10 2005, word document print out 14. Anthony Venn-Brown, A higher calling, [magazine article], MCV, 4 October 2007. 15. The 25 Most Influential Gay & Lesbian Australians, Sydney Star Observer, Thursday 11 October 2007, p.21-23 16. Ben Cubby, A gong for gays of influence, [newspaper article], Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday, October 10 2007. 17. Michelle Cazzulino, Nation’s top gays named, [newspaper article], The Daily Telegraph, Wednesday October 10, 2007, p 23. 18. Marie Sansom, Vicar in unholy row, [newspaper article], Inner West Courier, Thursday, July 30, 3009. 19. Ani Lamont, Gay Christian banned from preaching, [newspaper article], Sydney Star Observer, Issue 981, Wednesday 29 July, 2008.


This collection is held at Australian Lesbian Gay Archives in Melbourne.


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