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With over 30 years of experience, Christian de la Huerta is a sought-after spiritual teacher, personal transformation coach, and leading voice in the LGBTQ and breathwork communities. An award-winning author, retreat facilitator, and relationships expert, Christian is a sought-after speaker whose unique self-development programs are featured around the world, in university lecture halls, retreat centers, corporate boardrooms, houses of worship and the TEDx stage.

Christian's programs, including his virtual group coaching program, Adventures in Transformation, all share a single mission: to create profound personal transformation. His retreats, workshops and other events are known for their life-changing effects, offering inspiring and transformative exploration of our innate human potential. They are designed to help people get free and step in to their authentic power in order to enjoy lives of meaning and purpose and relationships that work.

Christian's award-winning book, Coming Out Spiritually, was chosen by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the 10 best religion books of its year and was widely regarded critically as a trend-setting accomplishment in its field. His newest book, Awakening the Soul of Power, the first in the 3-book series Calling All Heroes, inspires readers to engage power in new ways that transform their relationship to power, generating deeper levels of fulfillment and personal freedom. 

Go to soulfulpower.com to learn more about Christian and Soulful Power programs and to find his newest book, Awakening the Soulful Power.

(This biographical statement provided by Marjorie Van Dyke for Christian de la Huerta.) 

Biography Date: January, 2005; rev. July 2021

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