Bishop S.F. Ma-Hee


[EDITORIAL NOTE: This biographical profile was written by S.F. Ma-Hee in 2004 using feminine pronouns. As noted below, he later transitioned to a male gender identity as indicated in obituaries.] 

Bishop S.F. Ma-Hee is the eldest child of an evangelist/minister of music. She was the founder and first pastor of the Redefined Faith Worship Center (formerly Redefined Faith Unity Fellowship Church), the first place of worship for African-American Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender people, not only in Atlanta, but in the Southeast U.S. She is the youngest commissioned pastor in Unity Fellowship Church history.

The Right Reverend Ma-Hee is the founding and presiding prelate of the International Fellowship Of Independent Churches (I.F.O.I.C), making her the first known openly lesbian consecrated bishop with apostolic succession. She has also served as the initial presiding bishop with U.C.M. (United Christian Ministries).

Bishop Ma-Hee is the senior minister for the Great Congregation I.F.O.I.C., a place for spiritual growth. It is the first place of worship in the tradition of the Black Church for the lesbigaytrans, as well as other liberated thinkers, in the city of Miami and South Florida. She was the founder/spokesperson for Concerned Clergy, an organization dedicated to the social-spiritual support of the lesbigaytran communities and their allies.

As an artist, S.F. was trained by her mentor actor Ella Joyce. She has written, directed, produced, composed, stage managed, and performed in some of the finest theaters in New York and Atlanta. She founded SilveFingers Productions, a company committed to producing new works by unheard voices.

Bishop Ma-Hee is an activist as well, dedicated to human rights. She has served on numerous organizational boards of directors as well as serving in the position of Gay & Lesbian Liaison for both former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell and Atlanta City Council President Marvin Arrington. She has presented at various conferences and has been a columnist published in several national and local publications. The Bishop serves as founder and C.E.O. of Gay Black Pride South Florida.

Her main mission in life is to be an instrument where God can give back to the oppressed what we have been robbed of-a place to worship.

(This biographical statement provided by S.F. Ma-Hee.)

Addendum:   News sources reported that Makalani-MaHee suffered a heart attack in early November, 2017 and died on November 20th.  From the obituaries (below) it is evident that Makalani-MaHee had transitioned to a male identity and used masculine pronouns after this biographical statement was written in 2004.  .   

Biography Date: December, 2004

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