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Span Dates: 1951-1994
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Volume: approximately 3 cubic feet


This collection was created by the International Gay Information Center in New York as a resource file for all things LGBTQ. It is organized alphabetically; arranged under Religion, there are materials for a wide variety of denominations and faith traditions in the United States and Europe, LGBTQ religious organizations, and individual congregations. The contents of a resource file traditionally include pamphlets, ephemera, newspaper clippings, and publications.

Hist/Bio Note

The International Gay Information Center (IGIC) began as a project of the Gay Activists Alliance (GAA), intended to document the entire history of gay culture. Aware that the discipline of gay studies was controversial, the Gay Activists Alliance noted the absence of a comprehensive collection of gay-themed material for academic and general use. Earlier attempts to build a similar archive, including one that the National Gay Archive and Library Committee intended to be housed in the New York Public Library, had been unsuccessful. In 1979, GAA board members John Hammond and Bruce Eves were charged with collecting everything they could find on the subject, with the project initially titled the International Gay History Archive (IGHA). The IGHA included books, periodicals, pamphlets, newsletters, press releases, and ephemera related in any way to gay rights, history, or culture. The Archive collected historical material as well as contemporary items. From the beginning, the IGHA fulfilled its dual mandate as an academic repository and a public resource. Duplicates and copies of parts of the collection were provided to libraries and other archives for research purposes, while pamphlets and other widely available items were sent, free of charge, to interested members of the public. The GAA disbanded in 1981, but the IGHA continued independently of its parent organization with Hammond and Eves, assisted by volunteers, maintaining the Archive. In 1982, the International Gay History Archive became a subsidiary of the newly incorporated International Gay Information Center, and continued its mission unabated. The International Gay Information Center, Inc. (IGIC) was founded in New York City in 1982 for the purpose of collecting and preserving historical records and papers which document the movement for gay rights in America. Since its founding the IGIC has collected the records of organizations and the papers of individuals who have been active in the gay rights movement.It has also collected and preserved an extensive file of gay periodicals and imprints; audio-visual materials; and a large mass of printed and near-printed ephemera which document the social and political activities and events of local gay organizations and groups in various cities throughout America. Since its founding John Hammond has served as president, and Bruce Eves as vice-president and treasurer. In 1989, the IGIC donated its entire holdings to the New York Public Library.

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Buddhist | Centre du Christ Liberateur (France) | Catholic (Roman) | Episcopal Church | Evangelical | Evangelicals Concerned | Friends/Quakers | Jewish (ethnic, Reform, Reconstructionist, Orthodox) | MCC | Mormon (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) | Neo-Pagan/New Age Movements/Occultism/Spirituality | Presbyterian Church (USA) | Radical Faeries | Unitarian Universalist