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Nickie Valdez, a native of San Antonio, came out in the early 1960’s and has always been inclined to the spiritual aspect of life.  Her early involvement with the LGBT community began in the early 70’s, at the San Antonio Free Clinic (a city wide clinic funded in part by the United Way) where she volunteered for the switchboard (a hotline for the LGBT community).  At that time, the bars were the only convening places for the community in San Antonio. 

Nickie as a child with her parents.  Through her involvement with the Free Clinic and NOW, she met others who formed the Forward Foundation which organized the first  conference in San Antonio for the LGBT community in 1976 called “A Sense of Belonging”. She had also began gathering with other lesbians and gay men to talk and share about their sexuality as it related to their sexuality. The group would gather, pray, discuss scripture and it’s meaning in their lives as gays and lesbians. Then the group found Dignity, Inc., a national organization of LGBT Catholics.  She along with about 10-15 others, about half women and half men, started the local Dignity Chapter. Dignity San Antonio is the oldest LGBT organization in San Antonio. 

Nickie has been a vital and active member of the Dignity community for its 41 years of service in San Antonio. She has also been a founder of other organization in San Antonio, including San Antonio Equal Rights Political Caucus and PRO SA (Progressive Religious Organizations of San Antonio) and worked hard to build bridges across communities and groups.  She and her spouse of 31 years, Deb Myers, were legally married in September of 2015.

Nickie as a young adult.  In military service.  

Holy union with Deb Myers, February 5, 1989 With Deb on Marriage Freedom Day, June 26, 2015. 

(This biographical statement provided by Nickie Valdez.)

Biography Date: April 2017

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